Keeping Critical Projects On Target

Critical projects require thorough planning and excellent management. Missed project deadlines can derail the strategic vision of CEOs and other top leaders. Most projects do well with a dedicated and competent Project Manager at the helm. But even the best Project Managers can become overwhelmed at times.  When critical projects need to stay on track, it’s worth the extra steps to make it happen. An experienced outsider’s perspective may be what is needed.  That is the basis of Atlanticon’s Project Oversight service.


How Atlanticon Can Help

Atlanticon offers PROJECT OVERSIGHT. We engage your leadership in discussions about the project, identify your organization’s vision and expectations. We then establish a visit schedule for evaluating your project at key points through the lifecycle and reporting our results. These findings will allow you to make important course corrections to keep your project on track and on target!

Our on-site visits also allow us to mentor your PM and be an extra resource for discussing strategy and handling unique situations.  We provide reports and feedback to your Executive Team in a tactful, yet direct manner. Our primary goal is to protect your project, while at the same time, provide an invaluable mentoring opportunity to your PM.


Project Oversight Enhances Your Internal Team

Hospitals often put bright, enthusiastic people into Project Management roles.  When important projects come along, these key people may need an extra bit of mentoring.  Here are some actual statements from Executives who thought their projects were under control:

  • “We just didn’t know how off course our project had become.”
  • “Our PM is normally very good, but she got too far into the weeds and missed some big items.”
  • “Some of our team members got too cozy with <the vendor> and didn’t hold them accountable.”

Communication is a key component to our success. Our Senior Project Manager will engage your vendor, PM, CIO, and other stakeholders, asking the tough questions, challenging everyone to meet their deliverables. We provide a unique “Forward Look”   approach,   keeping   our eyes focused on what is due, not what was missed. By being proactive, we help you identify and prevent problems before they happen.


With our PROJECT OVERSIGHT, you dramatically increase your chances for success. Using our Forward Look philosophy, our In Process Reviews, and our proven Project Coaching methods, we can help you succeed.


We offer hourly or fixed fee options.