Project Coaching is an extremely affordable two day session, performed at your site, for up to six participants.  Atlanticon will introduce the importance of project management and explain how your organization can gain control of the projects it faces every day.  With just a few simple adjustments in your organization, your staff can learn how to standardize projects, develop scope documents, create project plans, and monitor the progress for all projects easily.  The Executive Team will have a valuable summary of all ongoing projects and be able to monitor upcoming milestones.  Atlanticon’s process, developed over 20 years, simplifies project management to the point where any hospital can more effectively and efficiently manage all their projects.



It’s not just about HOW…it’s about WHY and WHEN you need to manage projects effectively!

  • How is a project defined?
  • How can we keep our projects on schedule?
  • What are the required skills of a PM?
  • How can a PMO help with our projects?
  • How can we track multiple projects?

Atlanticon not only answers these questions, but shows your staff how to implement a repeatable process for every project with successful results. No more project failures!



PC improves your project delivery model which eliminates losses you suffer every year. We provide you a road-map for developing a repeatable process that can be used immediately and the tools to go with it. We work with you prior to the session to collect current state thoughts on past project success and failures. Those thoughts are woven into your session so you have a customized approach that meets your specific objectives. PC is a guide for developing a PMO, without the additional cost and overhead. The key is to have tools and techniques at your disposal. Our approach prepares you with the tools we provide and the resources you already have.



In just two days, we show you how to develop a repeatable model to deliver consistent, successful projects. We explain the importance of key deliverables such as a project scope document, developing an effective plan, establishing an effective project team, designing testing and training strategies, establishing a communication plan, and preparing for activation. In addition, Atlanticon has a free software tool called HITS available for all Project Coaching customers.   HITS is our custom developed Hospital Issue Tracking System. HITS tracks issues, logs decisions, future requests, and compiles project meeting minutes in one central database. You may use HITS for all your projects, and it takes only minutes to set up. Our simple and unique Project Tracker ties it all together. This effective Project Tracker tool uses visual cues to enable anyone to view or oversee multiple projects simultaneously and focus on monitoring key deliverables before their due date. With the Project Tracker, you will be able to pinpoint areas that need attention and ensure all projects are getting done on time.


Feel free to reach out and have a conversation to learn more about Project Coaching.