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Consultant versus Contractor – Do You Know the Difference?

Consultant or Contractor?

Consultant or Contractor?

If you are a CIO, CFO, or IT Director looking for a Consultant and don’t understand the definition, you might end up with a Contractor!  Beware - here's the difference:

Consultant: Advisor, mentor, counselor, expert, specialist, professional, authority.

Contractor: Servicer, worker, independent, freelancer, supplier.

Since June of 2000 Atlanticon has built a foundation of excellence as a … Read the rest


Proper Use of EHRs – Do Patients Really Benefit?

Patient Benefit 1Do patients really benefit from the complex EHRs that are in use today?  I’d like to think they do.  Their purpose is to enable easier ordering, facilitate documentation and progress notes, remind clinicians of activities to be performed, and protect the patient against potentially harmful drug interactions, to name a few. But what happens if the nurses and doctors and … Read the rest


Project Management – a Lost Art?

Being part of a well-managed project - accomplishing unbelievable results as a unified team, effectively hitting one milestone after another - few things in your career will provide you with such lasting, proud memories.

If you are an IT professional, then you engage in projects from time to time.  The more projects you’ve seen, the more Lost Art 1likely you are to … Read the rest


ACOs will benefit from strong health IT

Health IT needs to be implemented properly, with trained staff members in place, in order for ACOs to be successful.

This blog has previously explored the role of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and how they continue to be affected by new technologies. One expert, though, is adamant that in order for ACOs to be as beneficial as possible for healthcare facilities and their patients, organizations must ensure that they have a strong medical project management system in place. If ACOs are … Read the rest


Study: Outdated technology costs hospitals $8.3 billion per year

Healthcare consulting firms can help hospitals make a smooth transition into using updated communication systems.

As hospitals work toward integrating electronic medical records (EMRs), e-prescribing software and meeting meaningful use requirements, there is no question that technology is changing. It is important for facilities to make adjustments not only to stay current with federal requirements, but also to ensure that patients are receiving cost-effective, quality care.

However, recent research shows that using older means of … Read the rest


How your medical facility can continue to meet health IT challenges

Healthcare consulting firms can help organizations properly implement new systems and keep staff members informed.

There is no question that the healthcare industry is constantly undergoing changes, especially as the world becomes more digital and patients are desiring more access to their own medical records. With meaningful use requirements, ICD-10 implementation and an overall push toward electronic medical records, it is essential for facilities to consider healthcare IT consulting. Especially with research showing … Read the rest


Study: ICD-10 code mappings considered ‘convoluted’ by some providers

Healthcare consulting firms can help medical facilities make the transition into full ICD-10 implementation.

Along with meeting the different meaningful use stages, healthcare organizations have been working toward full ICD-10 implementation. The new coding system is designed to simplify how providers classify diseases, symptoms and abnormal findings, among other issues. Moving toward the new coding system can be difficult, and according to recent research, the two mapping files - ICD-9 and ICD-10 - … Read the rest


As HIPAA deadline nears, medical facilities must remain diligent

Healthcare IT consulting is becoming more prevalent as organizations work to keep pace with new HIPAA rules.

With technology evolving more each day, medical facilities are working hard to keep pace and properly integrate new systems. Not only do electronic medical records and other initiatives streamline daily workflow, it can help keep patients' costs low and assist in providing quality care. However, with more information available online, it is also becoming a target for cyber criminals.

The Read the rest


Survey: One-third of healthcare workers to seek new employment in 2013

Healthcare consulting careers are becoming more prevalent as technology changes and medical facilities need to meet higher demand.

Healthcare management consulting can not only help medical facilities keep staff members educated on new technologies, but also ensure that hospitals and care providers are able to create balanced days for their workers. If doctors and nurses are feeling overwhelmed, it could be the patients who end up feeling the effects.

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 34 percent of healthcare … Read the rest


New research to examine impact of patient-reported information

Healthcare IT consulting is becoming more imperative as patient-reported information is increasing in popularity.

This blog has previously discussed how evolving technology has allowed patients more opportunities to become involved in their own healthcare. Whether through more access to electronic health records or even communicating with their physician through email and text messaging, the future of medicine is going to involve more interactions between both parties.

With that information in mind, The Agency … Read the rest